Something Blue …

So, we have been working on the house. We’re always working on the house. But this spring, we did some active hiring and had a painter come in and do some interior work on the house, paint our front door from scuffed up white to 10 Downing Street black, and our back siding blue. Looking at the wee paint chip, I liked the blue. It seemed to have a nice regal quality to it. But, you know what they say about choosing paint colour. Always look at the colour in varying light. I forgot this rule and what resulted, I am not so sure about.

Siding in blue ...

We have had all sorts of comments from neighbours and family, all positive. Some have mentioned the colour evoking the mediterranean, the homes in St. John’s Newfoundland and the Caribbean. I’m not completely sold but Graeme assured me that we can paint over it if we don’t love it. I always feel this way after painting something a new colour. I always need some “acceptance time”.

What do you think? Too blue? Too bright? Not enough? Maybe I should have gone navy. *sigh*



5 thoughts on “Something Blue …

  1. It’s very vibrant! I see what you mean about needing time to get used to it. I do like it though. Not that you’d want to do any further painting, but navy trim for the doors and windows might tone it down a bit… I think the blue will be a great pick-me-up colour during the winter months too!

    • I was stunned when I first saw the first coat! It originally was such a dingy white and we knew we need to make some improvements so we figured painting it with some serious colour would be the way to go. It is growing on me though. And yes, you are so right – it should be great when winter hits!

  2. The colour is definitely evocative of homes in St. John’s and the Maritimes. It’s that perfect blue that is a warm enough hue for winter and yet cool enough for summer, too. Come next January, you and passersby will be glad for the pop of colour! I really like it for it’s cheeriness 🙂

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