Chicago: Bites and Sites

This post is most late but I couldn’t not share! My cousin Kat and I headed to Chi-Town to eat for a few days in August. Don’t get me wrong. We did do some site seeing and shopping but we planned these activities around where and what we were going to eat over the course of 72 hours.

Here are some highlights …














Worth Eating: xoco, The Chicago Diner, Grand Lux, Giordanos

Worth Seeing and Doing: Architectural Boat Tour of the City, Millennium Park, The Art Institute

It was a great visit and felt like a real getaway even though it was just an hour plane ride from Toronto. The food was delicious and the city has one of the cleanest downtown cores I have ever laid eyes on. I’d highly recommend the Acme Hotel. They drop off a thermos of coffee or tea every morning on request. What more could you ask to kick start your day?  Thank you to all friends and family who had super suggestions that we didn’t manage to get to over the course of our three day visit.

Thanks Chicago! It was nice to see you again!



5 thoughts on “Chicago: Bites and Sites

  1. As a segue from your fishy, fishy post…that last sandwich looks like a breeching whale! And can I say, WILCO cover!!! That was the best album….I just can’t remember what it was called…something foxtrot…yankee hotel foxtrot!
    Ahhh…baby brain strikes again!

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