Lady in Red

It’s winter here in Toronto. Real winter. The time of year when cold blasts get your shoulders scrunched up by your ears and you drag melty snow and gravelly salt into your front foyer at the end of the day. It’s that time when your hands are flaky dry from over washing because everyone is coughing up a lung or wiping their noses with tired tissues. It’s when the sun kissed colour you earned from sunny summer days are but a faded memory. We’re at that point in winter.

So, in efforts to thwart off looking blah, I’ve started wearing lipstick. I haven’t worn lipstick in years. The last time I think I bought lipstick was in university. Del Rio by MAC. Somewhere in a box in the basement, I have the empty tubes to prove it. And with this drab winter where every thing seems gray and dirty and salty, I thought, it’s time to add a bit of colour to my morning routine. And what a nice splash of colour it gives to my winter face. Here are few colours I’ve been trotting around town:


Dubonnet by MAC  I have had this one since … I can’t even remember. It’s been years. To the point that it’s drying out. But, there’s still a good inch left and the colour packs punch. Red with a blue undertone. I hope I don’t get poisoned from it’s overdueness.

Big Bow (limited edition Hello Kitty) by MAC I have to admit that the fact that MAC packaged this lipstick in Hello Kitty was a big factor for purchasing it.  I don’t own any other Hello Kitty doodads outside of some cute pens and notepads (I am not that kind of fan … just sheer childhood nostalgia) but there was something fabulous about this deep pink hue that would have made Jem of the Halograms proud.  I bought it years ago but only cracked it open last year.

Apricot by BITE I just got this.  It’s red, with a yellow undertone. Much like a tomato ripened in late August. Fresh!

This little swipe of colour in the morning is making me feel and look less drab when I leave for work. Try it (if you haven’t) and tell me you don’t agree?!

What have you been doing to beat the winter blues? Do share!



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