Bonjour Montréal!

This past Easter weekend, Graeme and our little boy headed out on a road trip to Montréal. It’s a tradition that we’re hoping to re-start (after a brief hiatus when le bébé was born). We figured with our now three and half year old, he’d be able to handle the long car ride out. We guessed correctly. Thankfully, everyone survived the trip there and back and we were so relieved that the better part of the journey was spent with a sleeping pre-schooler.


Planning our trip was much different this time around. In the past, Graeme and I just headed out whenever, arrived whenever, did whatever. But with our active and “spirited” boy, we knew that we had to go with a plan and a strategy on how to spend our time there. I am a planner by all means but never have I gone on a trip with a typed, printed and detailed agenda stacked with places to visit, things to see and places to eat. The agenda was annotated with addresses, detailed maps which outlined the proximity of each place to the other, and hours of operation, which was important. It was Easter weekend after all where full out closures would not be unusual.

What a great trip! There were some stressful, “I don’t … know exactly… where the place is on this street”, car rides. I mean, it’s difficult to find something while caught up in zippy city traffic, and not being familiar with all the one ways. That, and having to remind ourselves that THERE IS NO TURNING RIGHT ON A RED LIGHT. But, our slightly less than 48 hours, was packed with a balance of eating, outdoor time, sight seeing, French speaking and a sprinkle of shopping time. Oh, and navigating solid ice covered sidewalks. Spring has not sprung yet in Montréal. We woke up to 5 cm of snow on the Saturday. Wha!?!?

Worth Eating: St. Viateur Bagels, Santropol, Venti Osteria, Chu Chai

Worth Seeing and Doing: Hiking around Mont Royal, Strolling Old Montréal, Boul St-Laurent, Rue Saint Denis and Rue Ste- Catherine, Shopping at Simons

Au revoir Montréal! Until next Easter, à bientôt!



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