Being Prepared

I must confess. I prepare for all sorts of life events way ahead of schedule. Not just a few days or weeks. More like months, but usually no more than a year (come now, there has to be some sort of limit). Take for example birthdays. I have them on the brain at all times and whenever I am out shopping or running errands and I come across something that I think is suitable for someone, I buy it right there and then. I don’t hesitate because I can’t stand having to be in a position where I need to buy something under time constraints. I am never the girl you will see at the mall doing Christmas shopping in December. I’m pretty much done by October. Honest.

So, on a visit to West Elm just after Christmas, I came across some summer bedding that was on sale. There was something wonderful about buying summer linen in the midsts of our cold bitter winter and it was 65% off the original price. I couldn’t not get it. Now, we’re experiencing a big whoosh of spring. The windows are cranked, the winter gear is being put away and the heavy duvets are being packed up. I’m getting that bedding out! So happy to be all ready for the warm weather ahead!

IMG_8566 N


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