In Search Of

If you spend any time in the kitchen preparing food, you may find yourself categorizing your strength and skill dans la cuisine, under the cooking or baking category (or for the lucky few, both).  I am of the former. I love to throw dinner together, taking a survey of the fridge contents, using up whatever I find in there with a bit of this, a dollop of that, and a sprinkle of something to finish. I am not, by any means a baker. I liken the process to high school chem class. The exactness of the process feels too restraining and I am not fond of using measuring utensils. I like to measure in handfuls and pinches, work by sampling and tasting, adjusting and adding.

However, in light of my groaning reluctance to bake, I have for some time, been in pursuit of the ultimate chocolate chip cookie recipe. I have always sought to satiate my craving outside of my own kitchen. Lucky for me, we live in city full of places to eat cookies …the straight up one’s from Mabel’s are a favourite treat, the chocolate chip oatmeal ones from crafted are very satisfying, and the chocolate chip shortbread ones that are never in stock at my market bakery always managed to douse a craving. But, I have yet to bake ones that I would happily claim as my own. Not too crunchy, not too chewy, not too shattery nor too gummy, a fine balance of crunch, chew, chocolate and dough. I think I found it. Here’s what I whipped up on a rainy day and baked off the following day:


Right? I know. It is everything I hoped it would be. Graeme ate three in one go. I, on the other hand, broke apart and savoured one 10 minutes off the cooling rack. I think this might be the one. I have to eat a few more later today and a few more tomorrow just to be sure. If I feel my mind drifting towards the cookie jar and craving them months from now, I may have to just deem this one the end of the road. I’ll have to let you know.



2 thoughts on “In Search Of

  1. Looks fabulous! Freeze one for me on next batch. Baking is similar,a pinch here a handful there, comes with practice to know your consistency. But funny enough I bought my first measuring spoons two days ago as I am trying out scones that didn’t play nice. I am trying to replicate Fefe’s high tea recipe. In time.

    • I think when it comes to baking, I am too afraid to mess up. And a baking blunder feels like such a waste of time and ingredients! But, you are such a baker! No measuring spoons until now! Never did I know you just threw caution to the wind when whipping up your lovely goods! I look forward to your success with Fe’s scones. I will be sure to save you a few cookies on the next go!

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