Hello California!

Hello Friends! We’re back from visiting my parents in Southern California. Days were filled with lots of hot dry weather, ocean frolicking and relaxed shoulders. Our vacation was pretty laid back and our two weeks felt like a month, in a good way. Here are a few highlights from our trip …


Some random photos from our beach days.  We like our water. And no, that is not Graeme and I with surfboards. As if!




Every single time I see these lifeguard stations, I CANNOT help but hope that maybe David Hasselhoff will come bounding out to the theme of Baywatch. In slow motion of course.                                              IMG_8741

Chewy at Legoland. I could have devoted a full post to all the Legoland photos of Star Wars characters but I thought I better spare you.


This was my first visit to a Swap Meet. It was cool driving out into the hot desert and find a bustling little market place. They sold everything from tomato plants (only a dollar a piece!) to hardware (Theo found it fascinating).


While there, we saw everyone sipping on these drinks. I was curious. We ordered up the green one. Ingredients? Lemon, lime, cucumber, mint(?) and chia seeds. Refereshing!


Fourth of July at a Dodgers vs Mets game followed by a massive fireworks extravaganza. It is the grandest show I have seen in a long time, bar watching fireworks on Canada Day from a rowboat in Perth, ON and the Benson and Hedges’ Symphony of Fire down by Lake Ontario back in the ’90s.



Lovely cactus front garden no?


See you again California. You sure know how to show us a good time.



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