Hot summer days always inspire me to make some cooling elixirs in popsicle format. I had a popsicle mold shipped to my mom and dad’s place (hurrah free shipping in America!) and cracked it open when I arrived home to the heat. I have been experimenting with a variety of flavours and have been attempting to peddle them off on friends and family in order to make a new flavour batch. Three batches have been frozen so far with varying degrees of success and approval from samplers.


1. Watermelon Mint – Tasty but I should have followed the instructions regarding the mincing of the mint. As much a the strands of mint look quite pretty in frozen format, they don’t taste so great stuck to the sides of tongue and tucked in-between your teeth.

2. Arnold Palmer – Success! I used an English Afternoon Tea that was near expiry (Can tea really go bad?) and some organic lemonade I had in the fridge. I didn’t get the lovely separation between the two layers (as the tea is frozen first then topped with the lemonade after) as the two flavours look rather blurred together.

3. Lemonade – Nothing fancy here. Just some homemade lemonade because dear little Theo requested it.

Going to plunge into another batch this weekend. I am thinking something with lime, something with yogurt and fruit, and possibly a lemonade laced with lavender. Check these out for some sane/insane inspiration!


4 thoughts on “Slurp!

  1. i was just in a home-goods type shop last week looking at popsicle molds. great minds, nance. (and sweltering heat.) (and a desire to come up with new ways to consume alcohol.)

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